Noosa – The Hayloft’s Newest Guest

Say hello to Noosa the little tom cat, the Hayloft’s newest resident. At the moment he’s a guest but we think soon he’ll have to join the staff team!

Noosa was an unexpected addition to the Hayloft and has already used up one of his 9 lives.

It was a really hot day yesterday, and we were out walking along the true left of the Clutha River between Luggate and Albert Town, exploring a route for a new walking and cycling track, when we noticed something caught in a rabbit fence.

At first we thought it was a dead rabbit as it had a few flies circling, but as we got closer, we saw it was still moving and it was a little ferral kitten.

It was obviously exhausted and put up little resistance as we tried to free it. It took about 15 minutes of gentle manipulation both of the fence and the kitten, but we managed to get him out. At this point we just couldn’t bear to leave him to fend for himself in his exhausted state.

Julie carried him in her hat and we made our way on to the footbridge over the Hawea River. Back at the Hayloft, Noosa drank some milk and ate a little bit of food, but was still terrified and exhausted.

Today, he paid his first visited the vet who said he’s 5 or 6 weeks old and in as good a condition as can be expected after his ordeal. He is still very timid, but eating and drinking and very slowing starting to explore.

Our next challenge is to introduce him to Pebble & Splodge, our 2 resident female cats!

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Building the Hayloft

The Hayloft really is built from straw! If you stay in our unique Wanaka apartment you will see our truth window – the key to the Hayloft’s character and warmth. We are often asked about the building process. Take a look at the Hayloft page where you will find some pictures of the construction.

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